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About 4 My Soul

“We do not have a soul.

  We are a soul.hall-eternity-lowres.jpg

  We have a body.”

-          Not C.S. Lewis

That quote is often attributed to the famous author, academic and atheist-turned Christian, C. S. Lewis.  It was actually a quote from George MacDonald, who C. S. Lewis once called his “master” because he was such a major spiritual and literary influence.  It’s still a great quote and interesting thought, even if George MacDonald isn’t quite as well-known today as C.S. Lewis, the author of such novels as "The Chronicles of Narnia".  The implication is that each of us are eternal souls, while our physical bodies are only temporary.

What is 4 My Soul?

4 My Soul isn’t intended for people of any particular religious belief or denomination.  Of course we hope that Christians will appreciate and support the cause by purchasing and proudly wearing or displaying some of our merchandise featuring original artwork, because we believe the various items can potentially be conversation starters with friends and family.  The site, however, is intended for anyone who believes they have, or ARE a soul and it’s intended to help them reach out to others. 

Most of us have friends, family and acquaintances who are either atheist, agnostic or just apathetic about spirituality.  Most of us also spend thousands of hours studying a variety of subjects, whether to gain acceptance into college, to earn a degree or some type of certification to enter a profession or advance a career.  That’s great; studying and working hard are very good things (the creator of 4 My Soul has a degree in Chemical Engineering and a degree in Art). Once in the working world, we spend more countless hours thinking about where we’re going on vacation or what we’re going to do the upcoming weekend.  We’re not saying that’s a bad thing either.  We’re so blessed in most of the western world to be able to do all kinds of fun things for recreation.  But with all that time spent studying and thinking about what we’re going to do for such short periods of time, wouldn’t it be a good idea to spend a little time thinking about and looking into (with an open mind) whether our lives are eternal and if so, where are we going to spend the majority of it?  If our lives really are eternal, it's logical to think that eternity might make thirty years seem like a fraction of a second and a weekend seem like less than a blink of an eye. 

Can a person believe in Science and God?

There’s a common thought these days that scientific knowledge and belief in God don’t mix.  Some people believe that one cannot be educated, believe in science and believe in God at the same time.  The truth is that many people, including some world renowned scientists who were once atheists, have come to believe in God partly because of science. 

At we will discuss how science and belief in God go hand in hand.  Periodically, we will post information, articles and links in our blog to support this. Please check our blog regularly. And feel free to browse our merchandise, which features original artwork and expressions which we hope can be conversation starters for friends and loved ones.   Thanks!