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Can a person believe in Science and God?

Posted by Daryl van Benschoten on

There’s a common misconception these days that science and belief in God don’t mix. Some people mistakenly believe that one cannot be educated, believe in science and believe in God at the same time. The truth is that many people, including some world renowned scientists, and some who were once atheists, have come to believe in God partly because of science. 

One of the most important scientists of our time converted from atheism to Christianity

Francis S. Collins, a physician-geneticist, earned a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Yale University, an M.D. from the University of North Carolina, and then returned to Yale for a fellowship in human genetics. He developed methods that have become a powerful component of modern molecular genetics that allow the identification of disease genes for almost any condition, which could eventually result in cures for a wide range of diseases. Collins was the Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, where he oversaw the fifteen year project that mapped and sequenced all of the human DNA. Many consider this the most important scientific undertaking of our time. Dr. Collins was an atheist through graduate and medical school. Eventually he realized that the science he loved so much was unable to answer numerous questions he had. And as he studied the incredible complexity of the human genome he came to believe that it could not have happened randomly or by accident. He came to believe that DNA, the information molecule of all living things, is the language of God. This extremely well educated world renowned scientist converted from atheism to Christianity and is now a fervent believer in evolutionary creation.

Not all former atheists come to believe in the Christian view of God, at least not right away. Some believe(d) in a deistic conception of a Creator as did Albert Einstein. Many astrophysicists have come to believe there had to be an Intelligence behind the integrated complexity of the physical Universe. Others such as Dr. Collins who come from a biological background see that the integrated complexity of life itself - which is far more complex than the physical Universe - can only be explained in terms of an Intelligent Source. Skeptics of the theory of Intelligent Design claim it’s just a way for Christians to reconcile their beliefs with science, but how do these skeptics explain the numerous former atheist scientists who are proponents of the theory?

In the coming weeks, we will explore different scientific evidences for a Creator, including the Big Bang.  Please check back soon.  Thanks.

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